Harassment – by my friend tasa

Being a girl in my day and age,
you get used to all the horn honks,
the wolf whistles,
and the “hey baby’s”,
and the guys saying “you’re too pretty not to smile”,
as though not having a smile on my face at all times is a sin.
But why should I smile when harassment becomes normal,
when a girl can’t report it because even the police thinks she should be flattered,
but why should I be flattered that a guy wants to see up my dress so much that he ‘accidentally’ pushes it up,
why should I be flattered when a guy can’t even use words so he whistles at me like I’m a dog.
But I am not a bitch,
I cannot be won over by a whistle and sweet words,
no scratch behind my ears in the form of some misogynistic pick up line,
will give you a chance.
And if I laugh at your poor attempt,
it is not consent,
just because my lips curl into a smile,
does not mean you can come curl up with me.
My self worth does not exist on how fuckable I am in your perverted eyes,
it is not existent on if you want to ‘hit that’,
if you were to hit anything it should be your mindset that that is okay,
right out of your head.
Because I am not an object for your pleasure,
and I object to you treating me like I am.




A scarlet confection
Made to tasty perfection
For your mouth’s inspection

The tip of the toppings
The vanilla flavored frosting
Is so tempting to you

The taste bud’s elation
In what you are facing
Is something like devil’s food cake

The tiled floor kitchen
In the hours bewitching
Leaves your pulse a twitching
From the caloric intake

And the hours you shorten
By licking the shortening
They are a mistake
But they are your poisonous pleasure
Made to bake and yours’ to take
It’s a sweet treat we call cake

Starring horrifies me

I am proud to be a citizen of the incredible India. India is united by different caste and culture .But as they say everything has a weird side ,so does India. India,having a wide variety of weird men staring girls out like anything something scares me up. I am not saying that all men are like that ,but 3 in 5 act as if they haven’t seen a girl in their whole lifetimes and hence,they want to eat me with their large bloody eyes. I am fed up of facing such non physical harassment everyday .

Has anyone of you ever had any such experience in your country?

Feel free to share you thoughts

Must try gaming sites ! <3

ok guyzz…so i have been feeling lately that my blog has become a bit draggy and is filled with mature kind of thoughts

Ok so,for a change i am going to recommend you some cool gaming sites

(Me being a true game :P)

Girls games-(generally liked by girls<3)

  • I-dressup
  • Stardoll
  • Girlsgogame
  • Cookinggame
  • Roiworld
  • Barbie

Boys game -(generally liked by boys<3)

  • Addictinggames
  • Games2win
  • Newgrounds

Both type ;)-

  • Moviestarplanet
  • Vegasworld
  • Clubpenguin



love u mom


MOM spelled upside down is WOW !

This little poem is dedicated to my mom 🙂

You are my hope,

When the world calls me dope

You protect me like a bubble,

When i am in trouble

Sometimes you get moody,

and act like a rudey

We do also fight,

To prove ourselves right

But in the end love shows it’s magic,

And the end is not tragic 😉


What’s life?

Life defined in terms of wikipedia is – “the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death.”

For some music is life,for others love is life……but for me the state of being alive, having a soul and having the opportunity to see ,touch ,taste ,smell and hear the wonderful surroundings  is life.We must be obliged to our creator for giving us a life.We all get depressed by hardships ,have lust for the things we haven’t acquired yet and are driven by worries about something or other,but instead of pondering about all the bad we must forever stay positive.According to most ideologies we have only one life ,and hence we must live it to the fullest….appreciating the life of others and our self

If you can’t give life to someone ,then you have no right to take someone life.Life would have no meaning without death. Death is what leads to life and continuity of different species.It will come when it has to come and it will be then,when we will be able to understand the true worth of life….

Hello mates!

Who am i ,where i live ,what’s my gender ,what’s my age….is all that shouldn’t matter to you

All that matters is what inspiration you get from me and what i get from you

So…i am a human who’s desperate for review and is here to express her thoughts.

NOTE: I am a newbie to this world of writing blogs ,so please do review (weather a bad one or good one)