Starring horrifies me

I am proud to be a citizen of the incredible India. India is united by different caste and culture .But as they say everything has a weird side ,so does India. India,having a wide variety of weird men staring girls out like anything something scares me up. I am not saying that all men are like that ,but 3 in 5 act as if they haven’t seen a girl in their whole lifetimes and hence,they want to eat me with their large bloody eyes. I am fed up of facing such non physical harassment everyday .

Has anyone of you ever had any such experience in your country?

Feel free to share you thoughts


4 thoughts on “Starring horrifies me

  1. Yes I had observed lots of people doing this experiment..& it is 4.5 of 5..& those 0.25 men also had done this experiments for few times in their lifetime..!!

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