Harassment – by my friend tasa

Being a girl in my day and age,
you get used to all the horn honks,
the wolf whistles,
and the “hey baby’s”,
and the guys saying “you’re too pretty not to smile”,
as though not having a smile on my face at all times is a sin.
But why should I smile when harassment becomes normal,
when a girl can’t report it because even the police thinks she should be flattered,
but why should I be flattered that a guy wants to see up my dress so much that he ‘accidentally’ pushes it up,
why should I be flattered when a guy can’t even use words so he whistles at me like I’m a dog.
But I am not a bitch,
I cannot be won over by a whistle and sweet words,
no scratch behind my ears in the form of some misogynistic pick up line,
will give you a chance.
And if I laugh at your poor attempt,
it is not consent,
just because my lips curl into a smile,
does not mean you can come curl up with me.
My self worth does not exist on how fuckable I am in your perverted eyes,
it is not existent on if you want to ‘hit that’,
if you were to hit anything it should be your mindset that that is okay,
right out of your head.
Because I am not an object for your pleasure,
and I object to you treating me like I am.


10 thoughts on “Harassment – by my friend tasa

  1. This kind of things rarely happens in Hong Kong, especially at the workplace. They knew better than to pull off these idiotic acts since they can be easily reported to the police… or maybe they are just too busy to give a damn anymore 🙂


    1. But here in India , . From non-physical to physical harassment is just an everyday scene. -_- Sometimes i feel that such men should be raped, to make them know how it feels like


      1. I don’t think that even capital punishment would discourage many of these people… So, it seems that education is the only feasible solution to eventually solve this issue. But the question is “how?, and it would certainly be very challenging…


      2. No my friend..these people are educated illiterates and can’t be tamed unless the any initiative is taken to bridge the gap between men and women


      3. It doesn’t matter even if you are educated if you do not have proper manners and etiquettes. That’s why I said that it would be very challenging to educate the younger generation on respecting women since a lot of the people of the older generations themselves don’t practice it. And yes, there’s a need for a massive reform, though to acheive it, it’s also necessary to have a strong (no matter how cliche it may sound) political will on the part of the government and cooperation between everyone else.

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